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Best Juicer Blender Combo: Which Is The Better Purchase?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, having a juicer blender in your household is important. Now, you get to know about the best juicer blender combo, so that you make the right purchase and have wonderful smoothies, shakes, and juices throughout the day:

After all, you don’t want to visit a nearby store to have your health shakes or juices, as it defeats the purpose of staying healthy.

You want to get these wonderful beverages within the comfort of your home so that you can have delicious, mouth-watering drinks, while you take rest and get ready for the next activity. But when you take a look at juicer blenders in the market, you come across a myriad of products.

1. Blender Juicer Combo NutriBullet Magic Bullet 

First on the list of the best blender for juicing and smoothies is NutriBullet, which comes with eight pieces. Let’s take a closer look at all the features of this juicer blender:


  • Easy cleaning

If you had trouble cleaning blender juicers in the past, it is no longer a problem with this product. Using a mixture of soap and water, you can rinse all the blades in this blender easily.

On top of that, if you don’t feel like doing the dirty work, you can always pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

  • Nutrient extraction

The whole point of getting a juicer blender for your household is to give yourself the luxury of making nutritious and healthy beverages. NutriBullet’s Blender Juicer Combo allows you to break down all the fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and other types of plant-based foods to a state which can be absorbed by your body easily.

The blender juicer achieves this, by breaking the plant food’s cell walls, allowing the minerals and vitamins to release into the blend. Nutrient extraction is one of the most efficient and effective technologies available in the market.

  • Quick prep time

Are you always on the move because you don’t like the idea of settling down? If yes, then you will find this juicer blender to meet your expectations as prep time is minimal. It comes with a flip-top lid, allowing you to transport your juice/shake/smoothie easily.

  • Cyclonic action motor

With this juicer blender, you won’t come across any ingredient which manages to remain intact as its 600 Watt motor is quite powerful. Also, it makes all the skins, seeds, pulp, and fiber silky smooth, ensuring that you can digest the food easily.

2. MengK Professional Industrial Kitchen Juicer Blender 

Next up is the Professional Industrial Kitchen Juicer Blender by MengK.


  • Automatic shutdown

Did you have to leave your juicer blender as you had to be elsewhere, only to return because you forgot to turn it off? With MengK Professional Industrial Kitchen Juicer Blender, you won’t deal with this problem as it shuts down automatically.

Due to the gravity-switched cups, the juicer blender turns off as soon as the ball gets thrown. Also, if the current reaches alarming figures, such as 15A, it will turn itself off immediately.

  • Beefy motor

Have you come across ingredients which don’t become a puree after blending it for more than a minute? The Professional Industrial Kitchen Juicer Blender has a 1400 W motor with 25,000 peaks for efficient and quick blending.

There are six blades inside the juicer blender, which are sharp enough to handle a variety of ingredients. Also, they create a strong vortex, ensuring that every ingredient becomes smooth in a short time frame.

  • Customizable pulse and time technology

With the Smart Time feature, the juicer blender will only work as per your requirements. You can also change the speed of the blades so that it can blend smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups.

  • Non-toxic materials

When you use this juicer blender, you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals mixing with your beverages. The stainless steel components are safe for blending food products, allowing you to enjoy different types of beverages. As an extra safety measure, the plastic pots are non-BPA.

On top of that, MengK fitted four rubber pads at the bottom, to ensure the juicer blender is stable during operation.

3. Aimores Juicer Blender Combo 

The last product for today is the Juicer Blender Combo by Aimores:


  • Easy to clean

Keeping this juicer blender clean throughout its lifespan isn’t going to be a problem, thanks to its powerful motor. All you need to do is add water and soap and turn the blender on: within a couple of seconds, the interior of your blender will be clean and tidy.

If there are sticky and stubborn spots inside the chamber, Aimores included a brush to remove them completely.

  • High performance with proper safety measures

With six stainless steel blades and a motor which reaches up to 28,000 rpm, it is safe to say that every ingredient which enters the blender will become as smooth as butter in a couple of seconds. While you are using the blender, you can add additional ingredients to the mixture, without having to stop the process.

  • Variable speed control

If you are behind precision as you want the mixture to meet your culinary skills, you can change the speed of the blender as per your requirements. Whether you are making soups or smoothies, the pulse toggle and variable speed control is more than capable for the job.


If you are looking for a basic juicer blender, which gets the job done efficiently and effectively, you should go for the Blender Juicer Combo NutriBullet Magic Bullet. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of features, it will meet all your requirements.

If you are planning on having health shakes, smoothies, and juices every day, then you must go for the MengK Professional Industrial Kitchen Juicer Blender. With a capacity of two-liters, you will be able to make enough drinks for your entire family.

If you want to run a business where you make smoothies and juices for a living, then nothing is more durable than the Aimores Juicer Blender Combo. With a plethora of features at your disposal, every healthy beverage is within your reach.​

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