Ceramic Cookware Pros And Cons: Very Few Or No Chemicals

Everything you purchase from bedding to cookware has its pros and cons. Ceramic cookware pros and cons may differ from other types of material such as cast iron and Teflon.


When we speak of cookware based on the state of art, ceramic cookware frequently appears at the surface. This cookware is among the best types in the offering. They are good for food since they have very few or no chemicals exposed to when cooking.

However costly they may be, people will always overlook this based on the outcome they always give.

Ceramic Cookware Pros and Cons

The following will help you clearly understand ceramic cookware pros and cons. Ceramic cookware is widely known to prevent food from sticking and easy to clean. Listed below are the various pros of ceramic cookware you should consider when buying cookware.


  • Wider range

Ceramic offer a wide range of cookware to the users. Some people prefer spending of some different thing in the name of style, color, and design while holding on its performance. The consumer seems to have more goods to choose from, more of spoilt for varieties.

The manufactures have been able to attract customers through production of various choices based on style and design. It’s at times applicable since most people would like to have a fancy cookware in their kitchen.

  • Easy to clean

Technology is highly used in the design of ceramic cookware to ensure that food do not twig to the bottom part of the pan. They are non-stick in nature. This adds more feasibility to the user. When the food is not stuck at the bottom, cleaning process definitely becomes easier. You will enjoy the cooking and even cook more due to the ease in washing the pans.

  • Easy to maintain

Unlike other cooking pots, there is no exceptional care required for ceramic cookware. This therefore proves that basic maintenance keys are enough for a long durability of the ceramic cookware.

  • Dishwasher safe

These are good news for individuals who do not like hand washing their cookware. Unlike Teflon and cast iron cookware, ceramic cookware will remain safe after sanitizing in a dishwasher. This gives you a reason to completely trust ceramic cookware. If you own a dishwasher, you can be convinced that placing ceramic cookware in and it looks fresh when done.

  • Free from perflorooctanoic acid and polytetrafluoethylene

These chemicals contain fluorine and are used by manufactures to make plastics. They also are used in some cookware to inhibit food from getting stuck to the pan. Ceramic cookware however are environmental friendly since they do not comprise these chemicals.


The following are the ceramic cookware disadvantages which will help you decide whether to purchase/invest in them or not.

  • Durability

Based on what most people have reported, ceramic cookware have been found less durable compared to metal cookware. However, this does not necessarily mean that they would not give a long service. Their durability is based on how you use them though it can be less than metallic cookware. In addition, ceramic cookware with more layers of clay easily break hence are susceptible to losing their shape.

  • Chip Off

Chipping off of the bottom of ceramic cookware is another point of concern. Experts have reported that this kind of cookware is comparatively new to other types of old school metal cookware. Henceforth, manufactures are joining the modern technology to keep up with the convenience and feasibility feature it assures to offer. Expectantly, such a concern should be eliminated sooner.

  • Traces of lead

Is ceramic non stick cookware safe? Safety issues have been raised concerning ceramic material. Some companies have been found manufacturing ceramic cookware which has lead traces in the porcelain glaze of the cookware. Such threats have aroused though if you buy pure ceramic cookware which has been tested for the lead, there is no danger to your food.


As indicated above, there are more pros than cons of the ceramic cookware. If you read customer reviews and research on ceramic cookware of interest, you will be happy investing in the cookware. Ceramic cookware is gathering massive approval with the passing days. The above points address both pros and cons which will help you choose ceramic cookware or not.

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