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Cinderella Solution Review – What is All About And Who Designed It?

Permanent weight loss without side effects is one of the principal criteria that people want to find in the ideal diet. If this is your case, then this Cinderella Solution review is a reading that might interest you.

Cinderella Solution Review: Is It Safe And Valuable?

Most women are struggling with weight issues, and have never found a proven working solution to help them reach their weight loss goals. Despite trying different weight loss programs and therapies, most of them have ended up with various side effects without even enjoying the permanent outcomes.

The good news is that there is still a proven working solution which is permanent and doesn’t come with negative side effects on the body.

The Cinderella weight loss solution is a proven unique program that offers weight loss solution by focusing on the female’s body, and what actually causes women to gain weight.

The program studies the transition of hormones that occurs to the body between the ages of puberty to menopause. It then provides a permanent working solution that will end the weight gain problem.

What is The Cinderella Solution All About? 

cinderella solution reviews

Unlike most of the weight loss programs that you may see online, the Cinderella diet is specially designed for ladies who are the ones truly struggling with weight issues compared to men.

The hormones working in females are totally different from the ones in a male’s body and this is the reason women finds it harder to lose their weight than men.

It is what motivated the creation of Cinderella solution, in order to give women a true hope of having their slim and healthy bodies back. 

This is not the kind of generic diets that you happen to find, and there are many types of guides on the Internet that offer temporary hopes.

Furthermore, while other diet programs only suggest you to count calories and carbohydrates and leave you the task of choosing what to eat, the Cinderella Solution is less complicated, as it tells you precisely all the recipes and how to cook meals with the right pans, making it all more simple and effective.

The Cinderella Solution is a combination of fitness steps as well as a diet that is carefully sorted to work consistently with the anatomy of the female’s body. Not only that but also the hormonal transition guide which is included in the six components which you will receive when you purchase the program.

The great and unique thing about this program is that it basically train your body to start losing weight from within. This is done by dealing with those hormones that decrease body metabolism, which in turn, encourage the body to gain weight.

This diet program is only available online, so put your waiting worries at rest, you won’t have to pay and wait for days of shipping to get your program. You will simply need to access to the official website and purchase the program, and after completing the transaction, you’ll download the program onto your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, then right away start following through the steps.

This is very cool since you’ll be able to follow through the program wherever you are.

Who Designed The Cinderella Solution? 

carly donovan

Carly Donovan

The name Carly Donovan isn’t very common to many people since she is not some fitness model with numerous fans all around the world. Donovan is just low-key figure who happens to have done thorough research to the problem of weight gaining in women as they age.

She also did some research as to why the current online weight loss programs won’t give women a permanent solution.

This is how she came up with the Cinderella Solution, which she first used it for herself. After having seen the positive changes that took place in her body, she knew that she had found exactly what she was looking for, of which she’s now happy to share with all the women searching for a permanent weight solution for their bodies.

Features: the Solution Cinderella weight loss solution re-establishes the body metabolism, which was suppressed to start burning excess fats, enabling the body to lose excess weight again.


Pineapple, a metabolism booster

This happens while you can still enjoy the best meals you once enjoyed. The program also deals with the fat-waste hormones to activate the pro-create mode. This helps to avoid disrupting the organs and enables you to feel better.

This model will also help activate the lean hormones which are found to be the inmate mode for body weight management. You will learn to do this on your own, which will bring you back to those good old days of your youthful appearance.

The program will also help you balance and manage the body sugar levels perfectly, and it will also eliminate aging at the optimum level, eliminates stress, prevent bloating, create a nourished skin, healthy hair, balanced weight, and a youthful look.

The Cinderella Solution include a well-researched diet plan, list of recipes as well as simple body exercises that will restore the vital hormones back to work. This will enable you to achieve a great body shape within just a few days of following up the program.

In Short, What Can You Learn From the Cinderella Solution?

There are a number of basic principles to know, including:

  • How to eat carbohydrates without gaining weight
  • How to focus weight loss in some regions of the body
  • The process called “movement sequencing” is better than traditional cardiovascular exercise.
  • Why the dessert can be used as a tool for weight loss.
  • How to choose the right time to eat certain foods.
  • How to choose the right time to drink alcohol without consequences for weight and health
  • Learn certain concepts that will help you live healthy and long.


  • The Cinderella Solution offers you a complete weight loss plan to focus on, by following the simple steps
  • Offers great quality videos, along with user-friendly step by step guide, which is easy to understand
  • It helps you save a lot of time and money which you could spend buying useless and sometimes harmful products
  • The program is proven to help you start seeing results in just a few days of using it
  • 100% full money back guarantee


  • There are no particular contraindications, except that, like all diet and exercise programs, it takes commitment and effort to get the desired results. 

Cinderella Solution Review – Video


Who Should Buy The Cinderella Solution?

This diet plan is ideal for those who want to lose weight, but who prefer to be advised step by step. If you are one of those people who love to follow directions, such as preparing lunch following a recipe and having lunch or dinner following a specific schedule, the Cinderella Solution is for you.

This solution was specially designed to help women manage their weight gain since most women face these problems with age.

But if you’re still young and need to maintain your weight, the program is also for you.

What Do You Find In This Program?

cinderella accelerator

The Cinderella weight loss solution is designed to offer maximum user satisfaction by providing all the necessary components for the user. Here is what the program includes:

  1. The main manual (76 pages)
  2. The quick start guide
  3. The Cinderella University: Permanent Weight Loss Mini-Course
  4. The movement sequencing guide
  5. The daily nutrition Blueprint
  6. The video exercise guide (which includes 50 exercises of the program)

These are the six components included in the Cinderella weight loss solution program. When you get this program, you’ll find three parts in it.

  1. The Program Explained.
  2. Using Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book.
  3. The Movement-Sequencing Exercise Guide.

You will discover that all the fitness and diet guide are carefully catered for guaranteed results since they are dependent on one another to provide you a permanent solution.

What Do Online Customers of Cinderella Solution Say? 


Kelly has been using the Cinderella weight loss solution for three weeks consecutively; within this short time, she has been able to lose 52lbs.

Here is what Kelly has to say about the program; 

“I’ve been struggling with my body weight for years now since I started being called a mother. I tried lots of not working so-called therapies, which made me give up on my body weight. When I first heard of Cinderella Solution, I didn’t even pay attention since I had done a lot already and nothing seemed to work. It was until I met a friend of mine who was also working on her weight loss, and things seemed to be working for her. She told me she was using the Cinderella Solution, this gave me the courage to try once again, and of course, I’m glad I did, I’ve never been this happy.”


Can I eat any type of food while following up the program?

Yes! The uniqueness of this weight loss program is that you lose weight while eating your favorite foods. Since the program enables your body to burn all excess fats produced by the meals you eat.

Is the list of recipes and diet expensive?

Not at all. The recipes and nutrition in the program come from the usual daily meals and recipes that we sometimes don’t give them priority in our menu.

Are the exercises time-consuming?

No! The exercises in the program are simple and spend less of your time, so you can concentrate on other activities, although you shouldn’t neglect them if you need genuine results. 

Review Summary

The hope is that this article has not only feed you with new hopes but has also informed you of the possibilities that could work out for you as well.

Just reading the Cinderella Solution reviews available online and not taking action is what most people do.

Don’t be like most people, decide to take action today, and start enjoying your life again.

The Alternative 

Alternatively, if for some reason you feel that this diet plan is not for you, but still need to lose some pounds and manage your weight then there is an excellent alternative to look into:

just read the Favorite Food Diet review here 

This program is also greats at helping people lose weight while eating the kind of meals they love. Here are some more features:

  • It treats the root cause of weight gaining problems.
  • You lose weight while eating foods most women are scared to eat.
  • You won’t have a list of laws to govern and enslave you. 

The results are also quicker as long as you follow up the program faithfully.

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