Does Cruise Control Diet Work? 4 Basic Rules

The Cruise Control Diet is a weight loss and general health program created by James Ward. The program was created after years of trial and error with many other different weight loss programs. With many people having heard about this program, majority ask questions such as, how does Cruise Control Diet work?

This article will seek to answer some of these questions and explain in detail all there is to know about the diet program and how it works.

What Is The Cruise Control Diet

The CCD diet program is a highly effective, whole-foods oriented approach to losing weight and maintaining it, and also achieving optimum health and wellness.

What Kind Of Foods Can You Eat On The Cruise Control Diet

The program consists of four basic rules, which include consumption of natural foods that assist your body in burning fat. The other rule is avoiding taking in of already processed and packaged foods, which contain a lot of fats and also play a role in storing fats in your body. Unlike other programs, this diet encourages you to indulge in chocolates as well as candy or any other junk food that you crave from time to time. Now, you don’t have to torture yourself just because you are on a diet.Lastly, and the most important rule that other weight loss programs don’t point out is the habit of checking how much different calories you are ingesting in your body, or the habit of keeping different records.

This program promotes a natural process of losing weight by letting your body do all the record keeping and counting of calories.

Cruise Control Diet: The First Mistake To Avoid

Who Benefits From the Program?

This particular weight loss program was created by someone who had been trying to lose weight for the longest time but achieved no results. He later on realized that losing weight pretty much boils down to the food you eat. He came up with a program that is beneficial for to assist all men and women out there; young and old, to lose weight.Not only was this program made for people who want to lose weight, different kinds of people that are looking to improve their general health status and also have a nice physique can benefit from the program. The growing number of people acknowledging this program for helping them with energy levels and an overall wonderful feeling proves that the program indeed works.For people who are looking for miracles and outlandish weight loss regimens, such as losing over 50 lbs in a space of a month would not benefit from this program.This because unlike other weight loss programs on the market, this program is solely a natural way of losing weight and it is not in the business of selling people dreams and promising impossible things that cannot happen.

In addition to that, other people like strict, vegetable only vegetarians and vegans would not benefit from the Cruise Control Diet as the weight loss program encourages the consumption of meat.

What You Can Expect From The Program

Getting started with this program, you will surely have high hopes, and those hopes will most certainly be matched and in other cases surpassed.

The program guarantees you speedy progress and long lasting results, but only if you follow the rules of the program.The diet does not only offer weight loss, so individuals who experience laziness and feel too tired to perform certain energetic activities can also get on the program and expect tremendous results.

This is because the program gives a jolt to your energy levels and helps with restoring your metabolism, thus getting rid of the lazy feeling and getting back the activeness you once lacked.The Cruise-Control diet also have various other functions. These include managing your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels.

This only goes to show how great this program was thought out as it benefits people in a lot more ways, not just weight loss.

Feedback On The Program

The Cruise-Control Diet has received general amazing reviews. Majority of the people who try the program come back with positive feedback, all praising what a genius James Ward is for coming up with a very efficient but simple-to-follow program.Some reviews are so persistent on the effectiveness of the program, with one reviewer saying she started feeling amazing, full of energy after just four days of following the program.

Four days of following the program and the customer is already over the moon with a basic easy to follow diet program. Some other reviewers are quick to share the results achieved. One reviewer went on to credit the program for assisting them in losing 5.5 pounds in just 7 days of following the diet program.Another reviewer who is diabetic goes on to talk about how she has lost 30 pounds and has gone down 3 sizes. And even though she is still diabetic, she feels extremely wonderful. She talks about how her sugar cravings have diminished and everything else all over sudden tastes better.Although the program gets so many amazing and positive reviews, not all are positive. It is said that 4 out of 100 people come up with a negative review, disappointing results for their own known reasons and simply chose to try an alternative diet.

Such customers are offered their money back within 24 business hours. This just goes to prove how the creator trusts his program.

How To Start The CCD

Getting on the program is an easy 2-step process that requires a one-time payment of only $39.99 and shipping charge of $9.99 for US and Canada citizens and $14.99 for international shipments. Access to the digital version is acquired as soon as your order is placed.The delivery of your package takes about 3-5 business days worldwide. With every purchase comes a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee and the purchase can be returned but the customer handles the shipping costs.


The Cruise Control Diet is a very effective and cheap way of losing weight and maintaining good health.The program helps you save a lot on spending both energy and money at the gym, plus numerous hours that could have been used in getting productive in other areas.

Get started on the diet and discover how easy it is to lose weight. It works for all age groups and sexes.

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