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French Wine For A Flat Belly Reviews – Does It Really Work?

If you have already read some french wine for a flat belly reviews online, you may know that this diet plan is claimed to be a scientifically proven weight loss program that help both men and women burn belly fat and shed some amounts of weight in less than thirty days.

French Wine for a Flat Belly, Does It Work?

When it comes to losing weight, you want to follow a regime which helps you get results as soon as possible.

After all, why would you want to wait for several months before you start noticing results? Another thing about losing weight is that you have to follow a strict diet. You can’t binge on your favorite junk food, as they only add extra calories, making it harder for you to shed those extra pounds.

​Out of the blue came a new book called “French Wine for a Flat Belly by Thomas Newman,” which created a huge stir because of what it claimed.

According to the author of the book, if you follow his techniques, it is quite easy to lose weight. He claims that without following a strict diet plan or keeping track of how many calories you consume, you can lose weight. At the same time, you can drink French wine, as it has compounds, which are effective in decreasing your weight.

At first glance, it feels like a dream come true because it is different from every other diet in the world. Most diets ask you to stay away from alcohol because they contain a large number of calories. At the same time, if you consume large amounts of alcohol, you lose self-control, an important element in keeping your temptations at bay.

To purchase this e-book, you will have to shell out $37. Also, if you are unhappy with the results, you can get your money back within 60 days. Doesn’t all of this sound like an amazing deal?

However, the reality is far from its advertisement, as the author has found an innovative way to sell you information freely available on the internet for a sum of money. If you take a look at the Amazon reviews for the book, the details you uncover is shocking.

Not really a diet

Customer Comments

The top-rated comment tells you that the content of the book is good if you want to include nice wines into your diet. For a book which focuses on weight loss, the key takeaway shouldn’t be about good wines. 

The rest of the comments talk about how the book is quite deceiving. It’s also strange for a diet that has worked wonders for many people, hasn’t gotten a single five-star rating on Amazon. In a world where you can ask your friends and family members to write incredible reviews for your product, you would expect something similar.

If you thought that was the only thing which is suspicious about the book, you are in for a big surprise. Let’s take a look at the actual contents of the book and analyze why you won’t see any incredible results.

Why French wine for a flat belly won’t work?

Absence of diet plan

When it comes to following a diet, you need to have an idea of what you are going to consume every day. At the same time, the diet plan will ensure that you consume all the nutrients on a regular basis so that you don’t face any deficiency problems in the future.

It is important that you consume balanced meals every day so that you can improve your chances of losing weight in a short time frame.

However, when you go through this book, you will find out that it doesn’t include a diet plan. Let’s assume that the diet suggested by the author works, but if you don’t know how much or when you should consume, there is a very high chance that you will eat more than necessary. At the same time, you will be under high stress, as you don’t know if you are meeting the dietary requirements of the author.

For the uninitiated, if you experience unnecessary stress, it has a negative impact on your weight loss goals. As the levels of cortisol, a hormone which gets released during stress, increases, your insulin levels will surge. Due to this change in your body, your sugar levels will drop, making you crave for fatty and sugary foods. Instead of eating healthy options, you will start consuming as they are the best comfort foods.

Lack of exercise

It is possible to lose weight if you only follow a diet. However, the reason you are losing weight is not that your fat is getting burned off. Due to the lack of exercise, your bone and muscle density keeps reducing, which adds to your weight loss. To lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to eat the right types of food and exercise every day. It doesn’t make any sense that even though the author is an ex-veteran, he doesn’t recommend exercising every day.

Additional reasons why French Wine For a Flat Belly isn’t trustworthy

Lack of extra information about the author

It is suspicious that you cannot find additional information about the author, Thomas Newman, online. Even if you google his name or add important keywords such as author, French wine, and weight loss, you will never come across any information about him.

All the information available about the author is the same in every article that supports his book.

Also, it is important that the author has some type of certification or scientific study, which backs his claims. No matter how hard you look, you will never find these important details.

Similarity of backstory between Flat Belly Overnight and French Wine For A Flat Belly

One of the most suspicious detail about this book is the similarity between its backstory and the one on Flat Belly Overnight, by Andrew Raposo.

If you do a little bit of research about Flat Belly Overnight, you will find numerous articles which debunk its methods, showing people on the internet that it is nothing but a scam.

Now, when you look at the backstory of these two books, you will find out that they talk about a person who lost confidence because the individual was overweight. The characters share the same age and diseases; they almost commit suicide, only to be saved by another person. Also, after the rescue, the authors find a miraculous way for their characters to lose weight.

The reason why this author wrote this backstory was to create an emotional bond with its readers so that they lower their defenses. As a result of this, it becomes easier to convince them that what they are reading will help in losing weight quickly.

Best alternative to French wine for a flat belly

If you are looking for the best way to lose weight, it is important that you lead a healthy lifestyle, which means eating the right types of food and exercising regularly, without fail.

Also, you should have a schedule about what you have to eat every meal so that you can keep track of your calories. You will find all these types of diet plans only on Beyond Diet, a website which shows you how to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle, by eating delicious food every day!

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