yoga burn negative reviews but positive results

Yoga Burn Negative Reviews: Yoga Burn Challenge

Fitness is swiftly making its way into everyone’s busy schedule. You needn’t be as dedicated as a women’s bikini contestant, but a dash of physical exercise brings in holistic benefits. A latest fad raging a storm in the women’s fitness arena is Yoga. So if you have read something like yoga burn negative reviews, you may be interested in reading this page.

There is no stranger to the deep breathing techniques and mindful flow of body movements offered by various forms of yoga. How is there unawareness about yoga when everyone has tried a class or two? If you haven’t, here is a great opportunity to do so.

Yoga Burn Negative Reviews And Positive Results

Presenting: Yoga Burn Challenge, a 12-week digital fitness program designed for women to explore the world of yoga for a flat stomach. What is unique about Yoga burn, you ask? Well, it is designed on a specific technique known as Dynamic Sequencing. The program promises weight loss with an added bonus of a flat core. 

Three phases of Yoga Burn

yoga burn challenge

Yoga Burn Challenge

Yoga burn program is a three-tiered where each phase is practiced for a period of four weeks. Each phase is further broken down into an introductory video and three specific workout videos. The instructions are simple to comprehend and easy to practice. Faster results can be expected when you invest more time in practicing the Yoga burn videos.

1. Foundation flow

Phase 1 is an induction of sorts for what the program holds. Many women who start off Yoga burn may be beginners who’ve just practiced a few sun salutations sequences. Contained here are three videos which are easy to follow with minimum impact till you get the posture right. Foundation flow is designed keeping in mind that not everyone who starts off Yoga burn is aware of the postures or typical flow of yoga. Although the videos may seem simple enough when you browse through them, they are effective in boosting metabolism. In fact, there are customers who noticed results at the end of the first phase.

2. Transition flow

Now that you’re acquainted with the basics of the Yoga burn program, the second tier gets a little complicated. Apart from the introductory video, the remaining three are focused on building a steady tempo to the transition flow. Here, the instructions are focused on transitioning from one pose to another learned during the phase of foundation flow. In this phase, the fluidic movement from one pose to another establishes a sense of contentment and peace, while in motion. 

3. Mastery flow

You’ve made it this far and have mastered the technique of breathing while smoothly transitioning from one pose to another. At the beginning of week 9, the last phase or the mastery flow begins. Everything you’ve learned over the past few weeks is included to achieve maximum burn. Here, the number of repetitions is increased and the tempo is higher. The last four weeks is the time of body transformation but at a cost: be prepared to welcome muscle fatigue and the ‘sweet pain’ that most fitness enthusiasts savor.

The woman behind Yoga Burn: Zoe Bray Cotton

Meet Zoe Bray Cotton, the wonderful woman behind the Yoga burn series. Being a certified yoga instructor and personal fitness, Zoe noticed that the benefits of yoga were going unnoticed because of the lack of variations.

zoe bray cotton

Zoe Bray-Cotton, Certified Yoga Instructor

Using her years of expertise in the field of fitness, she conceived a fool-proof strategy to infuse the ease, comfort, and well-being advocated by yoga practice into a fitness routine to burn fat. Most women shy away from yoga because the studios may seem intimidating.

There is no place for beginners amid other yogis who’ve been practicing the art for several years. Her Yoga burn series was born from the lack of a place for beginners to explore the world of yoga. There is no dearth of fitness videos online. What makes Yoga burn special that women are taking up to it like dessert which will not show up on the hips? For starters, Zoe doesn’t bark out orders unlike the military boot camp feel of other fitness instructors.

Her encouragement lets you progress at your own pace. Women who’ve tied Yoga burn agree that unlike other fitness programs, this allows them to give in their best without being forced into it. 

Should you try Yoga burn?

The question above wouldn’t arise if the videos didn’t come at a price. Should you try Yoga burn? Well, why not? Here are a few advantages:

  • An unbiased fitness program for women of all ages and size: The success of Yoga burn is credited to the arrangement of the three phases. The first initiation phase is simple for everyone to follow. The rate of progression is gradual giving the body sufficient time to get accustomed to the transition. Moreover, you will not give up halfway because it ‘seems too hard’.
  • Result oriented: Goal of Yoga burn series is to tone the body and carve a coveted abdomen. The program helps you achieve just that with an added sprinkle of mental peace. In order to avoid an exercise plateau, variations are introduced periodically.
  • Fitness from the convenience of your living room: No one wants to sculpt their body in a room full of sweaty people. Workout from the comfort of your own home wearing your most comfortable pair of tattered pants, no judging! Also, the Yoga burn videos are easy on the pocket. For a one-time payment, you gain access to the entire set of videos.
  • Don’t see results, full money back: Zoe is confident that her program will offer positive results so much so that she goes to the extent of offering a money back guarantee.

But, will you really benefit from Yoga Burn Challenge?

In an ideal environment, there would be pros without any negativity. Sadly, the situation being as is, there are a few ‘hiccups’ in the Yoga burn series. For one, it may seem too slow for someone who is familiar with yoga and the results are individualistic.

The final verdict

You cannot go wrong with yoga and this series is like no other. Women who’ve been apprehensive on its benefits are harping around on its effectiveness. Try it and ‘if’ you don’t like it (which is highly unlikely); you can always return it and get refunded!

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